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“Beautiful Lie is more than just a song to me” "Beautiful Lie" Music Video stars Jessica and Renz Carlo of Vortex Models Int...

“Beautiful Lie is more than just a song to me”

"Beautiful Lie" Music Video stars Jessica and Renz Carlo of Vortex Models International. Photo by Manay Olosan Pasiwen

Me, with Xianne Raven, Elmo Christopher and Sebastian Dacanay at recording.
Photo by Cymel Montenegro

The CD back cover of Beautiful Lie.

Watch Beautiful Lie by Elmo Christopher and Xianne Raven on Youtube! 


I wrote "Beautiful Lie" with all the incredible inspiration during autumn of 2011. The song melody wasn't that spectacular, with its first arrangement done by my brother on our trusty old winkleman piano. The acoustic keyboard background sounded great and awful at the same time back then. It was first recorded in 2012 by Arlene Intia and arranged by Elijah Catingub. 

The 2012 version of Beautiful Lie was used as the official sound track in the short film "Don't Let Me Go" directed by Cymel Montenegro.

The song was completed in the September of 2017 with the help of wonderful people I worked with. Nothing really happened between the five years in between the first recording and the completion of the song. 


I was invited by a friend to a certain event mid February. I went to the the occasion not knowing I would witness someone perform a heartfelt rendition of a song with all the entertainment level of being onstage. That performance latched on the talent scout in me.

Later on in June, I asked my student models, from Vortex Models International - Victory at that time, who wanted to sing. Jokingly, of course, and I didn't expect to hear a voice as powerful and charming at the same time from one of them. Surprisingly, I did. 


Elmo Christopher performed onstage, with the flare and allure of a celebrity singer, sounding like a timeless classic. Xianne Raven sent a simple audio recording that apparently sounded so much like an Aguilera with a hint of disney charm. It clicked in me that these two voices would sound well on a duet. What happened next amazed me.


On towards August and September, was the time we started the schedules for rehearsals and more rehearsals, and announced the final release of the song on the 30th of September 2017.

I first had them sing together at the garage of a cafe we used to lounge at, and the chemistry of their voices just struck the lightning rods in all of us listening on.

A trusted acquaintance recommended someone who could do the musical arrangement. It was September 11. Time was running out.


A day before the first recording schedule, we met Sebastian. He's a powerhouse of music in one human body. Makes me wonder where this guy acquired all the superpower. He learned the track in less than 36 hours. We rehearsed one time, as the recording was already in the afternoon the next day. We put all anxieties aside, and powered on for it. The music had to be released on the 30th of September.


Recording day. Excitement was real for all of us. The nervous vocal chords, and quivering voices in a control booth, holding room and studio didn't escape the duo, even when they were singing to the mic. To me, it was okay. They're  recording for the very first time in their lives with a sound engineer coaching them what to do next and sing next and so on. 

We ended up using only the wonderful arrangement of the instrumentals as played by the superhuman Sebastian.


We needed to record one more time to finalize the vocals. So we did, and boy, did we hear the miraculous improvement of the duo! It's a hundred light years of progress from the first recording, and the new vocals were just perfect.


Every audio track for international release needed mixing and mastering. Butch Monserrat of Monserrat musikworx at Gold Coast Australia mixed and mastered the tracks into a masterpiece.

The vocals, instrumentals, and the magical mastering -- the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place!


Beautiful Lie was underway! We were now waiting for the release on major music platforms. But we were not quite done. I wanted a music video for the song that would star Elmo and Xianne. 


I just wanted it to be nice. 

I asked the help of my friends Cymel and Jay for a music concept. We brainstormed over three shots of espresso directly to the bloodstream. An hour later, it hit us altogether, and we had the perfect music video concept that would illustrate a heart breaking story, but would also show Xianne and Elmo.

We cast in Jessica and Renz Carlo of VMI to be part of the music video. 

Featuring #JesRenz of Vortex Models International 


We shot the Beautiful Lie Music Video at different locations that I have no intention of disclosing to anybody except through a dowry of chocolate and grocery coupons.

The taping was impeccably smooth, as all the crew were very harmonious. The videographer chosen by the heavens for the project was Jerusalem Ham of Jham's Productions. Drone Videographer was Richard Bravo of iXcreative Solutions. 

Watch the Beautiful Lie music video here

I would like to thank everyone who helped out in any way during the production of "Beautiful Lie". and everyone who waited for its release. The song is a simple expression of what love can really be, and it continues to be true for many. Love, no matter how true, can hurt you more than the bliss it may give. Love,no matter how it is, can be a beautiful lie.

Beautiful Lie by Elmo Christopher and Xianne Raven is available on itunes and Spotify

Welcome to my online portfolio. Join me as I take each project from planning to execution, with a dash of crazy.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Join me as I take each project from planning to execution, with a dash of crazy.