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Beautiful Lie (Original Song)

“Beautiful Lie is more than just a song to me” "Beautiful Lie" Music Video stars Jessica and Renz Carlo of Vortex Models International. Photo by Manay Olosan Pasiwen
Me, with Xianne Raven, Elmo Christopher and Sebastian Dacanay at recording.
Photo by Cymel Montenegro
The CD back cover of Beautiful Lie.
Watch Beautiful Lie by Elmo Christopher and Xianne Raven on Youtube! 


I wrote "Beautiful Lie" with all the incredible inspiration during autumn of 2011. The song melody wasn't that spectacular, with its first arrangement done by my brother on our trusty old winkleman piano. The acoustic keyboard background sounded great and awful at the same time back then. It was first recorded in 2012 by Arlene Intia and arranged by Elijah Catingub. 
The 2012 version of Beautiful Lie was used as the official sound track in the short film "Don't Let Me Go" directed by Cymel Montenegro.
The song was completed in the September of 2017 with the help of wonderful …

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